Thursday, February 4, 2016

OCC Watercolor- Day 3 Negative Painting

I was in awe of this technicque that Dawn showed us. Her sample was beautiful.  I was soooo excited when she commented on how easy it was to do.  Boy, did I struggle with the amount of water and paint to use.  In the end, this was my best attempt.  I definetly improved with each attempt.  Will continue to practice, practice, practice...

Prior attempts (others went straight to the recycling bin).

OCC Watercolor - Day 2 Simple Round Brush Flowers

Here is my practice of this technicque:

Very simple, but I really needed to work on how much water I used.

OCC Watercolor - Day 1 Part 2

In the second video, was practice on expanding what we learned about the brush technicque.  I didn't have a good stamped image to practice, but realized how easy is was to lay down water in a pear shape.  Here is what I did:

On the first pear, I made the mistake of putting my thumb on it to check if it was dry - oops.

OCC Watercolor - Day One

The first class was all about brush technicque, here is my practice:

Doesn't look like much, but learned alot!